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Habotai Silk

Habotai Silk

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  • Composition: 100% Chinese Silk
  • Width : 90 / 36 inches
  • Weight (gsm) 35
  • Manufacturing: Woven

Description – Silk Habotai (also known as China Silk Lining) is a soft, glossy, lightweight, 8 mummy weight silk that is used to line finer garments. This fabrics is also wonderful for silk painting, embroidery and needle punch or needle felting projects. Historical re-enactment costumers love this fabric since little has changed in its production over the centuries.

Washing Instructions – We recommend, especially if you are re-selling, to pre-wash in hot water before dyeing or painting to remove any leftover residue from the silk worms (Seracin) or finger prints and other stuff that can cause the fabric to dye unevenly. If painted/dyed follow instructions of paint/dyestuffs used for future washing.

Priced per 1/4 meter multiples will be cut as one piece.

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