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Opry set of 5 Scissors

Opry set of 5 Scissors

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This set of stainless steel scissors by Opry offers good value for money, and is a must-have for any dressmaker, tailor, quilter, patchworker, sewer or any other crafter. This set contains the following:

One pair of dressmaker scissors that will cut through any fabric, including heavier fabrics. Thanks to the shaped, soft-grip handle, the scissors lie comfortably and securely in the hand. The scissors measure 20cm long.

One pair of embroidery scissors with a very fine tip and with a soft-grip handle, allowing for effortless clean cutting action of threads and yarns close to the fabric. It can also be used for clipping yarn ends, notching fabric and for cutting open buttonholes buttonholes. The scissors measure 10cm long.

One thread snip (also known as a thread clippers) with a soft-grip handle. Thread snippers are ideal for snipping threads, notching fabric or clipping yarn ends while you work. It measures 13cm long, and is supplied with a protective cap.

One pair of 13cm long sewing scissors with soft-grip handles. Thanks to the sharp blades and a very fine tip, this pair of scissors can be can be used for any creative project that requires cutting through thinner fabric.

One gorgeous pair of embroidery scissors in the shape of a stork, measuring 9cm long. Due to the sharp blades with a fine tip, they are perfect for precision cutting, and for cutting threads and yarn close to the fabric. These eye-catching scissors are also small enough to quickly pack inside your crafting kit for crafting on the go.

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